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Which makes the most sense: To use a translation agency, to translate yourself or to use AI?

Obviously, one can translate a text themselves, or use a translation tool with artificial intelligence (AI). Nevertheless, there are several good reasons to use a translation agency:

  • Lack of knowledge of the foreign language
  • Lack of knowledge of specialised terminology in the foreign language
  • Time considerations – the capacities needed for translating and project management can be used more effectively elsewhere
  • Lack of experience with translation quality assurance
  • Legal issues and requirements (e.g. in the case of certified translations, supplementary attestations, apostilles)
  • Lack of professional software or experience with such software (e.g. translation memories, terminology databases, complex file formats)
  • Accuracy issues (e.g. “well written” but incorrect AI translations)

If you seek to provide your customers with high-quality products or highly professional services, then it makes sense not to rely on “just anyone”, or AI, for your translations but to instead put them in the hands of an experienced translation agency.

Why you should choose probicon as your translation agency

For many years now, probicon has been working for a continuously expanding customer base consisting of medium-size and large companies both in Germany and abroad. There’s good reason for our sustained success:

  • probicon only works with qualified and experienced translators who deliver accurate and well-written translations.
  • The “sound” of technical and specialised texts varies greatly among different industries and fields.
  • That’s why probicon works with translators with expertise in specific areas, as this ensures that their translations will be well received in professional circles.
  • We offer you expert translations into and from more than 35 languages – all from a single source.
  • Stringent quality assurance processes ensure reliability.
  • probicon has more than 20 years of experience delivering expert professional translations – but virtually no experience with customer complaints.
  • When you choose probicon, you’re not just passing your texts on to us for translation.
  • Instead, you’re putting your important documents in the hands of our friendly and experienced project managers who are always available for you and who take your specific needs and requirements into account. Our people manage your translation order throughout all phases – from preparation and the translation itself to the subsequent in-depth correction and proofreading process. They also ensure that your translation is delivered by, if not before, the agreed upon deadline.
  • Reliability and on-time delivery are top priorities at probicon.
  • We take confidentiality and data protection very seriously. That’s why we only use cloud storage systems whose data protection policies guarantee complete data security.
  • The professional tools we use make the translation process faster and more efficient, improve the quality of our translations and reduce costs for you.

probicon offers expert translations in the following language combinations:

Other language combinations are available on request.

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